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New Community [30 Mar 2006|04:04pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I just wanted to let everyone know we will be moving the community over to chubbyluvin. We have changed quite a few things to make it a better community. If interested please Read the info page to Join! It's that simple!

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New community... [30 Mar 2006|04:05pm]

In a new effort to organize and keep track of our members.. we have started a new community called chubbyluvin

We hope to see you all there ;)
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Hello! [11 Jan 2006|12:18am]

My half!

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We took each others pics (Me n Causticstorm) in case you guys were wondering.

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Hello all! [10 Jan 2006|11:33pm]
Hello, new here! My buddy and I have been long time admirers of this group, i for one think its Bad ass, and I'm lurking here all the time!

So, she will post her half of the shoot after me, and here is mine. They are worksafe, for the most part, other than cleavage.

( I posted them as links, because Our photo editing software blows, and they --sadly-- are HUGE. )

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Let me know what you think!
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loookin in SF [24 Dec 2005|01:02am]

any gals here in San fRancisco? Hit me up
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Fun on a Saturday Night [05 Nov 2005|05:12pm]

I'm 26/m/new york on my LJ... anyone up for some playtime tonight?
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[05 Sep 2005|12:06pm]

my fiance was waiting for me when i got home from work last night, sitting naked on our bed, with a blindfold on, and a note on the bedroom door that said "your cock slave for the night"

so, i took pics, i couldnt pass up an opportunity like that.

so, pics of an AMAZING blowjob and (she's got the best mouth ive ever felt), and 1 pic of me entering her wet pussy behind cut

nws... deepthroating and blindfolded female...Collapse )

she's such a good fucking whore.
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[09 Jun 2005|01:23am]

I'm undeleted and wanna phone fuck. Any takers?

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Just introducing myself [25 May 2005|12:55pm]
Chubby chaser here
hmm any lovely and beautiful plump ladies out here in the new york/long island area? Post back
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Looking for a partner [13 May 2005|04:42pm]
[ mood | horny ]

24/m/GA looking for a sexual partner. Any females in Georgia looking for a sexual relationship with no strings attached please comment or leave me an email. email is Will trade pictures.

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[31 Mar 2005|07:05pm]

The following people have been removed from this community due to lack of birth date or incomplete birthdate in thier profiles...


Please read the rules before joining.
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Under 18 do not join!! [31 Mar 2005|08:02am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I have just removed several members who (according to thier info) were under 18. Please DO NOT join if you are not of age. I check the members list daily and anyone under 18 will be removed. If minors keep insisting on joining I will have to change this to a moderated forum.

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Hi! [30 Mar 2005|05:34pm]

I'm a new member. WOO!
I'm 21.
Size 14.
Um 1 tattoo
36 A's (pierced)
My boyfriend, is a rail. I dont know if that would be breaking the rules or not, but I'm the one who's usually featured in the pictures anyways. So...meh.
Yep. FUN!
I found the link from show_your_boobs & thought I might as well join this group too.'s some introductory pictures of me. Clean ones. Dirty posts will come later, if you're good ;)

So, see ya'll later!
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